Learn all about sanitizing

What is decontamination?

Disinfection is the process carried out with the aim of breaking the chain of germs, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms. It is a necessary procedure to maintain hygiene and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. It concerns all professional and non-professional areas and is applied according to needs and conditions.

The work of disinfection refers to the removal, inactivation or destruction of harmful pathogenic microorganisms from spaces, surfaces or objects using physical, chemical or other means. It is different from Sterilization because it makes a space, a surface or an object largely – and not completely – free of infectious agents.

How often should the space be disinfected?

It depends on the size of the space as well as the crowding. For example, in a house we recommend disinfection twice a year. In a business environment with frequent meetings, we need to discuss the needs and the plan to be followed in a targeted manner.

Why is it important?

It is important and necessary as in this way we take care and maintain a high level of hygiene in the area. Simultaneously. we reduce the risk of the spread of any diseases in places with an increased gathering of people (e.g. schools, restaurants, hotels, etc.)