Learn all about deworming

What is deworming? 

Disinsection is the process of exterminating-reducing the population of insects that have invaded a space. It is necessary as it rids a space of unwanted insects.

How often do you need to disinfect?

The frequency of application varies according to the case and the space. In homes, disinsection should be done every time there is a severe problem with insects. At the same time, it should also be done for preventive reasons in order to prevent their entry into the space.

In some insects that are blood-sucking and sting (bedbugs, fleas, etc.) and can be considered dangerous for human health, it should be done immediately and in very small infestations.

In general, there is no specific rule that defines the period of time in which a house must be disinfected. As a precaution, it would be preferable to do it at least every year and more often in vulnerable areas.

Do I need deworming in the winter too?

The answer is yes as the warm environment attracts the pesky pests. Also, the prevailing humidity favors the appearance of new pests. In case there is no invasion or other sign a repeat application at this time will maximize the results

Let's not forget that the cold days of this season combined with the high humidity are ideal conditions for the reproduction of annoying pests.